Homeward, Bond!

Back at my desk. Home for a bit.

I earned the much-coveted ‘Warrior Poet’ designation from the NY publicists after that crazy Friday dash to Seattle and the PBS studios. That, of course is far, far higher up the Secret Service echelons than a mere Road Warrior. It even gives up a license to make really bad puns in your headers. (Like I needed one…)

The PBS interview out there was a surprise, and I told the host, Terry Tazioli as much. Usually television is a fast 4-6 minutes on a morning show. (I’m in town, I wrote a book, I’m reading here tonight, I can tell a bad joke.) But we went close to 20 minutes of pretty lively conversation. Terry explained (and it was an explanation, that his own background is in print.) The show, ‘Well Read’ is broadening its outreach significantly this spring, beyond the Seattle (and Vancouver) area. It will be distributed to PBS stations nationwide, about 80 of them. A coup for them, and obviously useful for getting word out on River of Stars when the episode airs in May. Was worth gunning the Aston Martin through traffic from the airport to get there.

The evening at U of W bookstore Friday was – as I had anticipated – lovely. Could have gone longer but they wanted to close the bookstore for some reason (something about, er, staff wanting to get home, y’know). Nancy is so generally and generously enthused about books (and about mine) it is hard not to be on one’s game on a stage with her. The sequestered reading/events space was filled, with people standing at the back and it was a fun audience. (That means, in part, they decided I was funny when I was trying to be.)

It may be my imagination, but it seems to me after Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, that there may be an increase in Fionavar fans as I head for the coast. Interesting. The west coast is home ground for a lot of Tolkien fans, hence, maybe, traditional fantasy… probably a random sampling error, but had quite a few questions about the trilogy when I reached the Pacific.

Tomorrow morning is another favourite interview, every book. I’ll be in CBC studios here in Toronto, to be interviewed on the air by the wonderful Shelagh Rogers (who’ll be in Montreal this time, though we are both in Ottawa for their Writer’s Festival on the weekend). Shelagh is one of the best in the business, seriously smart, terrific sense of humour. She has already tweeted about putting on a ‘pun muzzle’ tomorrow. (Like that’ll help.)

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