Tracking the Boston news on a difficult day. Wordsworth wrote ‘The world is too much with us…’ and it has never been more true. We know (or are led to believe we know) so much, so quickly, and we see so much, at speed. The intensity can overwhelm even those calm by nature.

I’m in what feels to be a tiny, trivial irritation stage. Morning flight to Seattle from Victoria harbour was cancelled by fog. Scrambled onto the 1 PM, and publicists back in NY scrambled my noon tv interview to 3:00 which will require very fast driving. Frazzled Author Enters Studio – Celebrated Composure To Follow!

A good night here, interviewed on stage by novelist Rob Wiersema, after a short reading (Shan’s intro again). Signed a lot of books, urged people waiting in line to make friends with each other, because – I always say, and mean – I have really interesting readers. The mother of one couple – who ‘met’ on the forums, and later met in life, and married – came to get a book signed for the two of them, to mail to England. Too cool. Really.

Tonight will be on stage and television with the utterly splendid Nancy Pearl at U of Washington bookstore. Look forward to it hugely. Nancy was just in Bosnia on a world of books tour, pushing reading as a way of bonding. That’ll be a pre-event dinner topic, probably. Fascinates me. And we can use things that bond us these days, and always.

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