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And … here’s a first look at the elegant HarperCollins UK cover for River of Stars. It’ll be out in July there, though e-books are already available in that market .

This is an ambitious positioning of the book for a literary mainstream market, to be accompanied by targeted marketing to fantasy readers already established over there. Some talented, committed people are putting their heads to this process.

UK cover, River of Stars

UK cover, River of Stars

4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal

  1. Wow; subtle and elegant. The imprint shift seems genius to me – hope the numbers support that. Think those who designed this cover made some great decisions.

    …I wonder if the e-book in the UK will switch to this cover now. I suppose we shall see soon!

  2. I love so much about this cover. The font, the colors, the fade effects on the trees… the designers have a winner here.

    I really like that overall arrangement of the trees. It’s like they are individual elements brought together by the title. I’m sure this was intentional (professional designers rarely do things unintentionally), but I am reminded of how you arrange the individual elements of the narrative. It’s a great evocation of the novel’s structure.

    Even though I enjoy the US cover, I’m a touch envious of this UK version.

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