I go away for four days and Toronto’s Mayor gets in more trouble (more and major) and there’s an earthquake. Data is being compiled as to possible connections…

Calgary and Kamloops hosted smooth, very nicely organized events and I enjoyed the audiences and the questions both times. I also got a chance to go south into the Okanagan’s fruit-and-wine country on Friday, and that was a treat. Not hard to see why people love it so much. Here’s the view from where we had lunch:



This sortie west is probably the end of the spring touring, though there are usually one-off events that come up and I have to sit down with the publicists and choose which festivals to accept for autumn. Feels a long way off, but they do need to firm up their guest lists, so can’t take too long on this, in fairness.

River is still on the Maclean’s list, back up to #5 last week. One website says six weeks, another says seven, I’ve lost track (is that bad of me?).

More recent good news came from Prague, where my Czech Republic editor Martin Süst (at Argo Publishers) just informed me that on Saturday Under Heaven was awarded Best Fantasy of the Year at the awards ceremony at the annual Book Fair, “Book World Prague”. His note reads, in part,

Academy is the group of authors, magazine and web editors, booksellers etc. So it´s a professional award. This was the 18th year of this award and it is the best known genre award in our country.

The translator, Richard Podany, was separately nominated in that category, and I’m very glad of that. For obvious reasons, all authors are hugely dependent on their translators into any other language: they become our ‘voice’; any honour we receive is properly to be shared with them.

One more photo for this holiday Monday. A friend sent me a snapshot of the display of some of my books at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg. You may appreciate why I like that bookstore! His (funny) caption was, ‘I lit a candle.’


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