The List

Yes, to champagne.

River of Stars debuted in publication week at #1 on the hardcover bestseller lists of both Maclean’s – Canada’s national newsmagazine -and the Canadian Booksellers’ Association. The lists are very different (bestseller lists often are) but River tops both.

It means a lot, personally, and for the publishers, and going forward in all markets.

An author writes his or her books, but needs help, even if self-publishing, in bringing them to the world, or the world to the books. The people at Penguin Canada have collectively done a great deal to make this happen.

Looking ahead, this means that ‘National #1 Bestseller’ can be used in ads, in all press releases, on the next editions. Other markets can do an old variant which is ‘International #1 Bestseller’ and, as my agent in New York said today, ‘people pay attention in this business to a #1.’

So it is all good. I’m still thinking about that moment on publication day when I closed the door here and just paged through the novel, keeping it a story, something shaped over time with a lot of care. I hang on to that sense as much as I can.

But we’ll have a glass of champagne at dinner, and I have a long-booked single malt tasting group later this evening. I’m expecting all the scotch to taste good tonight.

7 thoughts on “The List

  1. Just a ‘bravo’, GGK. Your sense of satisfaction coming from several sources is well-deserved.

    I bought my copy this past weekend, and it was sitting in the back seat of the car while I drove around with my family. My youngest son flipped it open and said, “Dad, there’s a map in your book.”

    I responded, “Yes, that’s Kitai.”

    To which my wife replied, “Bless you.”

    My own sense of anticipation was very finely tempered. As happens often around my mate and progeny.

  2. Definitely well deserved. When I was only about 100 pages in I commented to my dad (he was just starting to read his copy) that I was already wishing I could just tell everyone to leave me alone so I could finish reading my book. Not a practical option when you’ve still got 500 pages to go. I was well behaved and didn’t give in to the urge to call in sick and spend the day reading, but it was so tempting!

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