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Well, someone in a comment to the last post on Reviews wondered if the Washington Post would do one and … clearly he has the power. (My people would like to talk to your people!)

The Washington Post review of River went up late this afternoon (it’ll be in the print paper tomorrow). It is wonderful. Really is. Hugely positive and smart.

Here’s an additional reason why it is so good (same point applies to the Globe & Mail on Saturday): when major papers review a book right around publication date, that means that if they applaud the book they are doing so while copies are hitting stores and easier to find – with luck, displayed as new arrivals.

A strong review that runs a couple of months late will still be helpful (not just terms of making writers feel good) as it can be used for future editions or helping agents sell into foreign language markets, but a good review that is also timely is … golden. 

It is even a signal of sorts these days. Review space is shrinking in all papers and magazines, but there are still a lot of books appearing, and editors, publicists, authors shrieking variously for coverage. So for the Washington Post, which is a major, major book review source to cover any novel right on its publication date is hugely rewarding.

I’m not going to keep linking to reviews. All of what Elena has called Team River of Stars are doing alerts on Twitter, and the Bright Weavings FB page will have links to some of them. But this one felt worth noting here and making these points about, in part because of the timing.

It set up a good evening-before-official-on-sale day here.

I didn’t have a drink (yet). I celebrated in an even more shockingly decadent authorial way. Something so sybaritic, so flamboyantly self-indulgent I need you all not to tell anyone.

My mother’s chocolate chip cookies. And milk. Of course, milk.

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