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Starting tomorrow, the 19th, Penguin Canada are starting a 3 week ebook promotion on their entire backlist of my work. $6.99 for all titles.

I think targeted promotions of this sort are a smart idea. It has always been seen as intelligent to make sure that backlist books are in print and available in stores as a new title appears. The idea is to let the ‘coattails’ of the new book generate sales of older titles, as new readers discover a writer and the new one generates (one hopes) some media.

Something like this is a fine tuning of the same idea for ebooks. The backlist ebooks will be on sale for the week or so prior to the release of River of Stars and for the week following.

If any of the other markets do something similar, I’ll get the word out. Note that in UK, the actual books for River aren’t till July (I should see their cover ‘roughs’ tomorrow, apparently) but ebooks will be on sale on April 2, same as the US and Canada.

Have brainstormed a fun idea with marketing and PR teams, as to getting readers involved in something, and will announce it at end of week. (Yes, that’s a tease. And your point is?)

Oh. And got my boxes of author copies from New York Friday. None of them were A History of World Whaling. In joke.

3 thoughts on “Backlist promotion

  1. Yes, do let us know if the US market has a similar ebook sale… though I think I actually own all the ones available already… still hoping the others will come online soon!

  2. I’m a total newbie to your Worlds, Mr, Kay, having read Fionavar and Tigana over the last two weeks. And then I saw the promotion offer and, yay, amazon in Germany offers good prices for the e-books versions, so I bought about five. Or six. So the marketing strategy worked out, at least for me. 🙂
    Oh and I should add Fionavar is better than LoR, at least in my eyes. LOVE it.

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