Auction Wrap

I suppose all eBay veterans will have called this, but the auction of the first book of River of Stars picked up very strongly in the last hour or so, shot way past our previous high for one of these, and ended up at $1025 CDN this afternoon. May I say ‘wow’?

I’m really pleased, obviously, both because people wanted it so much as a collectible, and because the fundamentally empowering nature of literacy and education is something I really do feel strongly about and the Love of Reading charity from Indigo taps into that.

Hope everyone who bid, everyone who followed and supported or relayed info, will take a couple of thumbs-up from me. My sincere congratulations and thanks to the high bidder – I don’t know the name tonight, and sometimes winners prefer anonymity. Penguin will be in touch and find out any details they want to share, and if they want the book personalized to them from me, or just signed.

Also, I was in touch today with the splendid Nicole Winstanley, President of Penguin Canada, my editor and friend, and she was absolutely on-board with the idea of myself and Penguin getting together to match the winning bid, so the donation will be over $2000 for the book.

I’m not especially sentimental about these matters, but I do like the idea that the launch, the celebration, of a new novel can mean good things in a wider way. Today’s auction did that.


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