A shorter post, more a heads-up. First interview in the run-up to River of Stars is now online. There will be a number of others as we turn towards spring. I actually worry about overexposure, and the publicists laugh indulgently at me.

Their key point is that most people do not see more than one or two of these, if any of them at all. The core number who track me here, or on Twitter, or on the Bright Weavings Facebook page or main site will get alerts to most of them and you are the group who will be in a position to grin and note when I have given the same answer four times (and pity me for fielding the same question over and again). Odds are good you’ll also catch me in contradictions. Or even using the word ‘tangible’.

But the underlying assumption of all PR and marketing in the book world (and not only there) is that you need many channels for information to get out and find people, which means a fair bit of overlap will happen, or be seen by those who do keep track.

You’ll see. I have been making my ‘frustrated hockey player’ joke for years and years, and will likely make it a few times more this year. May shift to baseball. Watch for it.

Here’s the first interview:

Told you. Both hockey and baseball.

I did a photo shoot yesterday afternoon and the photographer bravely worked with what she had … namely me. We shall see. But I was beginning to worry about a ‘truth in advertising’ factor, as the official photo (which will still be on the book jackets) is a few years back now. We will be sent a digital contact sheet from which to pick a few. I canvass very carefully selected family, friends, and colleagues for opinions. Hysterical laughter is discouraged.

The fundraising auction of a signed early ARC of River of Stars ends tomorrow, by the way.


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