Authors and seeing their books for first time

This was kind of fun. I can affirm that my story, and my one-liner, are absolutely true. I told this anecdote long ago, on a two-person panel with Terry Pratchett, where we expected to be funny about the writing business. We set out to ‘one-down’ each other with publishing screw-ups. This one triumphed. Always good to make a gifted humourist laugh!

Some writers noted that they hug their books, or do a happy dance. My primal moment comes when I write the last words of a book, and there’s another, of sorts, when I have a printed manuscript and do the ‘it goes thump when you drop it on a table!’ thing.

(No, have not tried that with an iPad or Kindle.)

One thought on “Authors and seeing their books for first time

  1. A nice example of hand selling with that piece also. Picked up “The Dark Thorn” after finding it through that exploration.

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