It’s a wrap

Yes, fine, I like puns. This is news?

The header is a riff on the fact that the linked image here, shows the full wraparound cover for River of Stars for the first time. I just got it. This will be the Canadian version – the American is likely to look identical in artwork but employ different quotes. This makes sense – the British will use different quotes again (and different cover art, too). Each market decides what works best in its territory. I just feel lucky there are such generous comments from which they can choose.

I also want to give a shout-out and thank you here to Larry Rostant, the artist responsible for a number of my current covers. Among others, he did the American and British Ysabel, the stunning green horse for Under Heaven, the beautiful new jackets in the States for the Mosaic pair, and now this genuinely gorgeous (well, the author thinks so) cover for River of Stars.


2 thoughts on “It’s a wrap

  1. At risk of gushing I have to tell you I am delighted there will be another one of your books to savour again and again. I have been a fan since the Fionavar Tapestry and seem to have reread each of your books at least five times. Last year my children and I listened to Fionavar on audiobook-I’m trying to hook another generation.
    You are a gifted author who can transport your audience to another time. I’ve even taken to reading history books to (after The Lions of Al-rassan) figure out the historical landscape.
    Thank you for all the years of fantastic reading.

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