ARC in the wild…

A short briefing-people post today, though lots is happening. (That’s not supposed to be the case in the run-up to the holidays. Disconcerting.)

Over on the Bright Weavings Facebook page they have started a giveaway contest for the first ARC that will go out to anyone not specifically part of the trade distribution. (This is courtesy of the good people at Penguin Canada and is open worldwide, not just to Canadians.) There’s a bit of a Casting Couch riff/game associated.

Have a look:

We debated inviting a poem inspired by any of the earlier books (we’ve done that on the core Bright Weavings site) but Facebook is rather more ‘out there’ than the original BW site (which felt like people’s favourite bar or café). And I didn’t want to narrow the entries to those who felt willing to write a sonnet or clerihew about any of the known characters or themes. Maybe for fun another time, back on the main site.

This casting motif plays off the Pinterest page’s ‘Casting Couch’ where you can find (and post) images of the actors you like.

Remember: Danny de Vito is not to be proposed for Ammar. Instant disqualification.




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