Synopsis of article by Mirco Tondi

Translation by Emanuele Manco, administrator of Fantasy Magazine.

This is a synopsis of “La mitologia, fonte di consapevolezza e ispirazione: il mondo di Fionavar di Guy Gavriel Kay”, by Mirco Tondi.

History, religion, psychology teach that everything has a single source, that everything starts from the same point, a reality that Guy Gavriel Kay has used to create the story of Fionavar, the first of the worlds.

Through the figure of Arthur Pendragon shows so the figure of the Hero, which stands as a bulwark against evil, but he also realize that no one is exempt from the shadows, all have fallen. And speaking of the Hero’s fate shows that those who must do to atone for sins committed, as is narrated in Greek myths (Heracles).

The Arthurian myths and Greek are interwoven in this trilogy with the Scandinavian myths, Jewish and Native Americans. From Weaver to the Fates, by Mornir and Dana to Odin, Zeus and Demeter, from Ceinwen to Artemis, by Andain to Gibborrim. From the Tree of the Kings to Jesus Christ and the Fisher King, from the Bacchanalian to the avarlith and Maidaladan, by Tabor and Imraith-Nimphais to Bellerophon and Pegasus, until you reach the Thief of Souls and Prydwen, to Jason and the Argonauts, to Theseus, going so far as to make references to Beren and Lúthien and the fight between Buddy and the Wolf found in the Silmarillion (the work by J.R.R.Tolkien that Kay has completed).

These are some of the stages of a journey that started when Loren Silver Mantle brings Kim, Kevin, Jennifer, Paul and Dave from earth to Fionavar. An initiatory journey through legendary figures, was impressed from immemorial time in the unconscious that need to be rediscovered to bring the growth that is going on, making real people; a journey through the war, a force that spares no one, not even the children, as shown by ta’kiena and the story of Finn and Darien. A journey consists of hard lessons, apparently even cruel, but necessary because no life is worthy to be lived if there is no freedom, means that requires awareness and balance in order to not bring ruin.

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