The Riselka, by Naomi

I am very happy to add this piece to the reader art section of the site…not least because when Naomi talks about her sister introducing her to GGK’s works, she’s talking about me!

“My sister introduced me to GGK’s works when I was a teenager, starting with Tigana, which has remained my favourite novel ever since. As I’m an artist and paint a lot, I felt compelled to respond to Tigana. I chose the riselka as since it is a fantastical creature and therefore I felt I could use license to give it an abstract image. I find the idea of fate and different people’s lives turning in different directions very evocative and meaningful. In the painting I tried to bring in imagery from the book; if you examine it carefully you will find three faint paths and faces. One of the paths includes some gold, whereas one of the faces looks drawn, possibly ill, and one of the paths is branching. The colours mirror the colours used in the description of the riselka, the greens and blues and purples I felt were appropriate for the atmosphere. I intend to paint more – I want to do the owl from Arbonne, I want to do the Ring Dive from Tigana – but I’m waiting for the images to come to me.

“When GGK came to Israel as guest of honour at Icon 2004, I was happy to show him a copy of the painting and then get a giclee print made for him for Deborah to take and give him next time she saw him in Canada. Anyone who wants to order a print (or the original if you’re feeling rich), can order through Bright Weavings. (Contact Deborah for details – depending on size, prices range from $130 to $340 plus postage)”.

The Riselka, by Naomi Tajtelbaum


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