Galadan by Sara Strand (Silvestris)

Sara writes:
“The very first time I got to read the Fionavar Tapestry I was only 11 years old, and the series influenced me greatly. It was my very first encounter with the fantasy genre, and made me realize I wanted more. Since then, reading and drawing fantasy has been my central interest in life. Thank you, Mr. Kay, for giving me this inpiration.

The one relationship that intrigues the most in the series is the mirror-connection of Paul and Galadan. They both walk the thin shadow line of power, between good and evil. They both loved once and only once, and they both twice lost that love – first to another mortal man, then to Death itself. They’re anti-poles that bring the balance of the series to yet another dimension.

Galadan is, and will always remain, my favorite character in Fionavar’s Tapestry. He’s such an enigmatic character, wonderfully multi-faceted and ever smooth. One of the best villains there ever was… Though I know a fictional character is difficult to draw since everyone’s mental image of them varies so much, I decided to go ahead and draw Galadan as I picture him.

And, well, here he is…”


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