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The Camelot Project Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies and basic information


This section contains links to sites that offer information related to the various periods of history that GGK has used as inspiration for his books. Please feel free to forward any good links that you have found that are relevant.


ORB (The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies)
• The Labyrinth (a major starting point for Medieval Studies online)
• The Society for Late Antiquity
Medieval History and Archaeology Links, a page by Professor Florin Curta

Spain (The Lions of Al-Rassan)

• Entry on El Cid (source for Rodrigo Belmonte of The Lions of Al-Rassan) in the Catholic Encyclopedia

Byzantium (The Sarantine Mosaic)

Byzantine Studies on the Internet (Paul Halsall’s magnificent site)
Dumbarton Oaks (Byzantine Studies Centre)
• Justinian, Theodora and Procopius: A comprehensive and extensively annotated guide to over 150 sites about 6th-century Byzantium.
• The Secret History by Procopius (source for Pertennius) – Atwater’s translation, with interactive commentary.
Sports of the Byzantine Empire – this article, written by Barbara Schrodt, first appeared in the Journal of Sport History, 1981.
Byzantium 1200 – a gorgeous site showing computer reconstructions of the Byzantine Monuments located in Istanbul, Turkey as of the year 1200. Click on ‘contents’ and surf around.


• A mosaic image of Theodora (source for Alixana of The Sarantine Mosaic) from San Vitale, in Ravenna, done in the latter part of the 6th century, with her retinue. Full and close up.
• An image of Justinian (source for Valerius of The Sarantine Mosaic) from San Vitale, in Ravenna, with his retinue.
A piece of Byzantine silkwork, of a charioteer.
A collection of Byzantine Images

Science-Fiction & Fantasy

Terri Windling’s Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts The homepage for science fiction and fantasy
Locus Magazine Online: News, reviews, resources & perspectives of the science fiction field

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