Tigana (leather bound intro)

The Leather-Bound Masterpieces of Fantasy
The Other Side of The Mirror Tigana By Guy Gavriel Kay


In the field of fantasy, eras are measured as B.T. or A.T. – Before Tolkien or after Tolkien. Certainly that is true in high fantasy, with its autonomous, secondary worlds. And it has particular application to the work of Guy Gavriel Kay, who helped J.R.R. Tolkien’s son Christopher edit The Silmarillion in the 1970s. The Silmarillion was the core work that Tolkien started writing immediately after World War I, but the text of that basic document was not put together and published until 1977, four years after Tolkien’s death. According to Peter Kuzca writing in The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, Kay “seems to have learned from the experience.

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