GGK’s note

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Janeen Webb takes the unusual and generous step of noting the author’s differing view or intention. This is a classic case where the writer might well not have accomplished what he wanted, but to open up the possibility of further discussion I’ll note here that the source of my dissent from her reading lies in the degree to which the text tries to make clear that it is an anomaly and a dangerous one that a woman is reigning in Arbonne. The notion for me was to suggest that in political-military terms a male leader was important at this time, even in the south, while women in Arbonne had significantly enhanced cultural impact and religious status compared to the rest of the world at the time. From this, I hoped the idea was planted that would imply a harmonization of the spheres of god and goddess. The resolution of the novel – with the implication of a strong male leader ritually linked to a representative of the goddess was meant to further this suggestion. — GGK

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