Jaelle, by Myaah

Myaah writes:
“I discovered the Fionavar Tapestry quite a while after it was first published. A friend of mine advised me to check it out, and I must say I was not disappointed. Paul and Jaelle are my favorite couple: the children of the Gods reunited at last. In my opinion, Jaelle is a very determined woman, at her Goddess’ service and not allowing herself any sloppiness. She is dignified and regal. She has complete control over herself, trampling everything underfoot as she goes, up until she realizes that turning away from others before they even come close is not the solution, and that human warmth and tenderness – love that is – are good as well. Ultimately, to my mind, Jaelle is linked to the rise of the Red Moon, the Moon of War. She feels it inside and sets off to free Paul from the Summer Tree. Jaelle is hard as iron, she’s the sacrificial axe falling on cold stone. I wanted to see her great and dignified, with the Goddess, as a sort of stained glass window… A white figure among the darkness of the night…”


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