Introduction – updated 2015

A word from Guy Gavriel Kay

There is a quote from Cato the Elder that I used to deploy in reply to queries about the absence of an ‘official’ website about me or my work. Cato is said to have remarked, ‘I’d rather the Romans ask why there are no statues to Cato, than have them ask why there are.’

I love that. I think it is a wonderful thing to have said and, of course, the fact that I’m ‘here’ right now, and have been for 15 years, means – alas – that I can’t use it any more.

Essentially what happened back in the year 2000 (yes, we’ve been here that long) isn’t complex: it began to seem more and more quixotic to deny the legitimacy or utility of a proper site. When Deborah Meghnagi (now Meghnagi Bailey) proposed doing a website, she not only understood my concerns and my wishlist but took the concept further than I’d have thought possible. I remain grateful to this day.

What did I want? Mainly that the site serve a purpose beyond promotion. I wanted elements that would make it worthwhile for someone to surf to Bright Weavings, and come back; they could learn something, be amused, challenged, moved to do and submit work of their own. Seeing that happen here over the years has been a pleasure for me.

I’m deeply appreciative of the commitment of Alec Lynch and Elizabeth Swainston who stepped up to help Deborah control an increasingly substantial website. The polished redesign is the work of Sue Reynolds and James Dewar of Piquant Productions.

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