Fionavar Casting Couch


Round about the year 1995 some folks who until that moment had been mere fans of Kay’s work were drawn together by this common interest to become friends and as it were to also attempt to cast the Fionavar trilogy as if it were a movie. Messages were posted and then debated in good humor on the bulletin boards of Compuserve for months…with the occasional limerick contest thrown in here and there.

This intrepid band of would be Hollywood folk were drawn from all points on the globe: England, Canada, as well as Northern and Southern California. They earned the title Travelling Casting Couch one day after one of their number: a Cyn-D (ever after to be called the Navigator as a result) suggested they all meet and hear Kay do a reading at a convention in Winnipeg. The adventure was a success.

Today we put before you the combined efforts of Wayne, Paula, Cyn-D and their archivist, Joanne. Perhaps their casting choices stand the test of time…perhaps they do not. See what you think…


Do you agree with their choices? Are you nodding in agreement or horrified? Who would you cast? Some of these actors are now too old to play the parts they have been cast in (Cary Elwes, for example, to my mind would have been perfect as Diar when you think of him in The Princess Bride – but is a bit old now for the role). If you could take any actor whatever age they are now, and cast them at their ideal age for a character, who would it be?

Pin a picture of your chosen actor on the casting cost section of the Bright Weavings Pinterest page. Check out the relevant thread under the topic ‘GGK goes to Hollywood.’

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