GGK’s Words



This essays section contains short pieces and longer essays written by GGK, for publication or for giving at conventions/conferences, addressing different aspects of writing (his in particular, and writing in general), and of the interaction between fantasy, myth and history.


The following links lead to an extremely selective listing of works I used in researching the ‘historical’ fantasies. I’m going to keep this relaxed and not offer formal bibliographic publishing information. Among other things, there will be different editions in different countries (and languages) and I’m assuming that people reading this can use their own websearch techniques to find the titles – or use the links being offered by Deborah Meghnagi here to access an online bookstore.


The interviews section contains interviews of GGK done by various people over the years, and even a transcript from a live chat that took place online in April ’99. Since the interviews were given over a span of at least a decade’s worth of time, there is a very interesting and wide range of topics covered, from GGK’s first book all the way to his latest. All the interviews have been reproduced with very kind permission by the interviewers.

Tour Journals

Beginning with the publication of The Last Light of the Sun, GGK has kept online journals, hosted on the forums, wherein he discusses his observations and experiences about the run up to publication, the publicity, and post-publication process of each book. With these journals, GGK hopes to extend the ambit of his book tours to readers beyond those able to attend events in a given city or country, and to share with readers some of the workings of the book world and the elements that go into the novels they read.

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