Fionavar by Tim Fricker

Tim Fricker’s lovingly detailed portrayal of the characters and ideas of The Fionavar Tapestry appears here. You can click on the picture for a (much) larger image, which will appear in a new window. Just close the window to get back to this page. First though, I’ll let Tim describe how he came to draw the picture.

“I was first introduced to The Fionavar Tapestry by a friend back in the early 1990’s while attending college, and from “The Summer Tree” to “The Darkest Road” I was completely and utterly entranced by the way that the story was at once familiar with its fantastical and epic settings, and yet completely new, with characters, written by a master’s hand, that I continue to think of fondly to this day. Characters that inspired me to pick up pencil and paper once again after sitting by idly for so long.

I have always been a very visual person and it was this grand story, filled with real, compelling people that made me attempt to somehow capture them with pen and ink. The picture, “The Tapestry”, was the product of this endeavor, created for my own enjoyment as well as for that dear friend who first introduced me to the novels. A repayment, of sorts, I suppose. (The piece was eventually placed on a T-shirt and sent to Mr. Kay on a whim, who no doubt now wears it on all formal and auspicious occasions.)

The piece was done in 1994 and was first drawn with pencil but then later finished with technical pens. Next to the picture I have added a description of the picture for any who have questions concerning parts of “The Tapestry”.

The Tapestry, by Tim Fricker


In the center of the picture stand Loren Silvercloak and Matt Soren, surrounded by the five, each of whom is bordered with art depicting something of their adventures in the land of Fionavar.

  • Kevin is depicted with the cave and the flowers which appeared following his death.
  • Paul is seen with the chess board changing into the roots/branches of the Summer Tree with his title seen above his head. Both Galadan and Arthur’s dog Cavall flank him, in reference to their epic fight.
  • Kim is seen surrounded by the stones of Stonehenge, with Arthur holding the King Spear next to her.
  • Dave is seen with the Dalrei to the right and the horn above.
  • Jennifer is seen with two swords crossing her picture, one the elegant and grand sword of a King, the other the functional sword of a knight, that of Lancelot.

The king and figure seen to the right of Jennifer are Aileron and Diarmuid. To her left are the shimmering figures of Na-Brendel and the lios alfar, with Daniloth behind them. Finn and the Wild Hunt are seen above Kevin. Tabor and Imraith-Nimphais are directly above Davor. Paras Derval is seen in the upper right of the picture. And lastly there is the small figure of an owl above the title of the piece, which of course is Darien, flying towards his father, the Unraveller, seen outside the borders of the Tapestry picture, as he was in the novels. Lastly, Rakoth Maugrim’s hand covers one of the wardstones which are seen in the other three corners of the picture; his other hand, the bloody stump, is seen as well, a token from his escape from the last of the stones.”

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