Cover of Tigana (Finnish 1)

Artist: Sakari Tiikkaja
Pub: Karisto (published in 2 volumes)

Artist comments:  The idea with the look for Alessan was that it should be as generic as possible without being uninteresting so as not to give the reader too defined a visualization of him. The cover is actually a stained glass window made by his imagined contemporaries depicting him at the “beginning” of his quest. Records of the legends are often glorified afterwards and so, him being a royal person, even his rustic appearance is “sweetened” somewhat. To make it short I thought, that this kind of window would have been made after the events of the book.

I also tried to convey a sense of post medieval stained glass art with his appearance and stance but not to the absolute, since Tigana is set in an imaginary land in an imaginary history.

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