Defiance (Jennifer’s Song) – Joy Green

You hold me in the darkness
And bind me to your will
You torture me completely
Is my agony a thrill?
You look into my centre
And befoul all you find
You sear my soul and body
And tear into my mind

You can take and take from me
You can rend my self apart
You can tarnish everything
That I hold dearest in my heart
You can hurt me, and god knows
I’ve never hurt so much
But still there’s part of me inside
That even you can’t touch.

In this endless blackness
You come to me again
To feed on my debasement
And revel in my pain
Every time you touch me
I sink deeper in the mire
Until I’m lost inside me
Consumed within your fire

Though you take and take from me
Every memory I hold
Turn my comfort into
Something hard, and sharp and cold
And as I build defences up
Every single wall you breach
But part of me is still denied
A part you’ll never reach

You crush me till I’m broken
With power I can’t deny
You can make me scream and
Laugh at every cry
You can watch me dying
Make sure my death is slow
But sometime in the future
You *will* pay what you owe

And still you take and take from me
More than I ever had to give
And all you leave is an aching hate
To make me want to live
But even lost within my fear
I know this much is true
There’s still a sliver of my pride
I won’t give up to you!

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