Darien’s Song by Joy Green

Darien’s Song

The loneliest creature on all of the earth
Cursed by his power, cursed by his birth
Who knows his destiny, who knows his worth?
Balanced between Light and Dark

Born to be random, a thread floating wild
By his mother unclaimed, by his father reviled
By the deities considered corrupt and defiled
His path was a hard road to walk

And he came, seeking guidance
Seeking closeness, seeking home
Seeking only to be chosen
Seeking not to be alone
Seeking love and protection
Seeking comfort in the night
Finding only rejection
And the dying of the light

What love he encountered was gone all too soon
A thread shuttled away by the hands at the loom
A brother stolen by prophecy into the gloom
To lead the wild hunt through the void

And child though he was, no-one held out their arms
To offer him friendship, or shelter from harm
He came to his mother, and a cold and distant calm
Met him there and all hope was destroyed

So he went, hard and bitter
To seek out a different life
Offering alliance
With a bonding gift, a knife
To the brooding god who sired him
This darkest road would lead
And perhaps, at last, a welcome
Would meet his aching need

Come swift to maturity, swifter to power
His the strength and the choice to set free or devour
Unaided, alone, at the war’s final hour
He came to the edge of the night

He saw hatred and death in the Unraveller’s eyes
Knew the depths of despair, but denied him the prize
Offered his haunted life up as a last sacrifice
Saved his soul, and the world, for the Light

Darien, child of corruption and pain
Though unvalued in life, through his death found acclaim
And as long as the tapestry woven remains
This random thread will shine most bright

– Joy Green

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