Curdardh, by Fédéric Maisonneuve

Fédéric Maisonneuve writes:
“Ever since I started reading Guy Gavriel Kay`s books, my mind couldn’t stop imagining the characters and settings from his stories. Drawing is my passion and I hope to work as a concept artist for videogame companies one day in the great city of Montreal. The first book I read was of course, The Fionavar Tapestry. Since I was a kid I was always rooting for the bad guys, I don’t know why, when my friends were playing GI Joes, I would be Cobra commander. If theres one bad guy I’ll always remember its Curdardh, don’t get me wrong, I was glad when Lancelot killed him and won the battle but I would have liked to know ALOT more about the oldest creature in Fionavar. I can only hope that you will like my rendering of this amazing and very intriguing villain.”


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