Lyrics to ‘Ceinwen’s Bow’ by Talis Kimberley

Come Lay Me Down

Come lay me down beneath the moon/s*
My mind will wander to the ruin
Where rivers failed to make it through
And lions failed to protect you Come lay me down beneath the stars
As cruel and distant as they are
And I will swallow back my pride
For lions failed where others tried Goodnight the last of my desires
I’ll walk again when I can see the wire
My conscience left to brave what I have done
My courage lies with him beneath a stone So come lay me down beneath the sun
As far away from everyone
And I will swallow back my fear
For lions fled and left me here…

– Tanyss Nixi

If you listen carefully you’ll hear that the word here is moon. When I first heard the song (which I love) I suggested to Tanyss that she might want to change moon to moons, to fit even closer with the world of Lions. She loved the idea, and next time she records the song, she intends to change the lyric.

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