‘Ceinwen’s Bow’ Lyrics

by Talis Kimberley

Night, and the holy hunter rides:
And the stars stand still and the pale moon hides
And the brave deer run, but the King Stag knows
He will fall at the end to Ceinwen’s Bow

Here where the holy Ceinwen hunts
In the sacred glade near the forest’s heart
Here the King Stag falls at her feet and dies:
Such a sight is forbidden to human eyes

I saw Ceinwen hunt, so fair and tall
Dressed all in green beside her pool
I did not know there was a price
But I will pay, even my life – if she asks me

‘Hold’ said the holy hunter then
‘This glade is not for the sight of men
And none who call Fionavar home
May see me hunt and live’, she warned

Ceinwen took her bow and faced me then
Dreadful and bright with matchless aim
There was an answer I could say
But would not do so, rather pay – what she asks me

Straight from the holy hunter’s bow
Came the arrow I’d earned for the price I owed
And as an owl flew over the moon’s fair face
Her shot went wide by her own design, and I live – By Ceinwen’s grace

Bright was the moon on the hunter’s hair
More beauty than my heart could bear
I fell to my knees as she turned to go
Hail Ceinwen, Ceinwen of the bow –
Hail Ceinwen, Ceinwen of the bow –
Hail Ceinwen, Ceinwen of the bow!

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