Song of the Baelrath

by Joy Green

I come from worlds and worlds away
You do not know my name
You call me “Seer” for my task
You answer to my flame

Chorus And I will call you as I need
By the wand’ring fire I hold
To war, to fight, to die, to bleed My heart, be hard and cold

I call Fionavar to arms
No mercy can I show
All must serve together
Or together darkness know


I call the Warrior from his grave
To serve and serve again
For while the need for him endures
I dare not heed his pain


And from the mists of memory I call
A creature fleet and fair
Her destiny to kill and die
Again, I dare not care


I rip the giants from their peace
And teach them hate and fear
Rob their gentle souls of grace
Their pleas I dare not hear


A child is stolen from his home
To lead the hunt on high
And though his mother wildly weeps
Yet still I dare not cry


If in the end we conquer here
And light again holds sway
Maybe I can cry sufficient tears
To wash my guilt away

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