Original Introduction

Archived Revised Introduction from Deborah Meghnagi

Welcome to the authorized website on the worlds and works of Guy Gavriel Kay – to date, twelve books (The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy, Tigana, A Song for Arbonne, The Lions of Al-Rassan, The Sarantine Mosaicduology, Beyond this Dark House, The Last Light of the Sun, Ysabel and Under Heaven) that have been translated into more than twenty languages and achieved bestseller status worldwide. This is not a site by Guy Gavriel Kay, but one that does have his full and considerable support. See the Introduction for a little more about the genesis of the site and the section GGK’s words for an introductory note from Guy Gavriel Kay.

I’ve tried to make the site navigation as intuitive as possible. This redesign of Bright Weavings has maintained most of the navigation of the old site – you’ll find the same list down the left hand bar, which takes you to the different sections of the site, although there are a couple of new sections. When a section of the site is divided further, which it usually is, you’ll find the navigation on the right hand navigation bar at the top of the page. To see where you are on the site, look for the white text – the left hand list will have the main section you’re in in white, with an arrow pointing in to the page, and the right hand list will have a square white button rather than a lilac button on the subsection that you’re in. To get back to the home page of a section, click on the left hand link again. You can always check the new site map at the bottom of the left hand navigation bar to look at a ‘picture’ of the whole site layout. Throughout the site I will refer to Guy Gavriel Kay as GGK, which I think is a good compromise between formal and informal extremes. Look out for a little graphic of Arthur (courtesy of Martin Springett) – it means that GGK himself has something to say. If there’s text next to it in this colour that’s GGK talking. If not, click on the graphic itself to read his note.

Most of the section titles make their content fairly obvious, but I’ll mention a couple here that might not be so clear. First of all, I intend to use the ‘books’ section as a doorway to the rest of the site. If you are interested in a particular book, go to its page, and you will find links directly to all the material on the rest of the site directly relating to that book. You will also find material that doesn’t fit into any of the larger categories. If you just want to read reviews, or find out the latest news from GGK world, or view some art, then you can go to those sections directly, without going through the books section. ‘Warp & Weft’ is the name of the Bright Weavings newsletter; going to that section will allow you to subscribe to the newsletter, and to read archived copies of old newsletters. The section ‘GGK’s words’ contains a biography of GGK, essays by GGK on various subjects, and a selection of interviews of GGK done over the last few years. ‘Bibliographies’ is a fascinating listing and explanation, by GGK, of the key historical texts he used in researching his historical fantasies. ‘What’s New’ – a subsection of this section, is different to ‘News’ which has its own section. What’s New talks about what’s new on the site, and is a good way to look backwards and see what new additions have appeared since you last visited. News will include all announcements of interest about GGK and his books.

If you’re interested in some of the material from the Historical version of the site you can click this link for a selection of entries.

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