Annah Hutchings’ portrait of Lisen

Annah Hutchings’ portrait of Lisen.

lisenAnnah writes:
“I think I first read the Fionavar Trilogy a few years ago when I was 14. I remember buying the first book, then after reading the first few chapters, going out and buying the other two, and I am so glad I did! I am a great lover of fantasy books, and Mr Kay’s Fionavar Trilogy is on top of the pile with the amazing imagery and complex story lines that weave in and out of the tale, each one balancing the others.

It is so hard to decide what to draw from the Trilogy, each character and place has it’s own story to tell. The one I have attempted to portray is that of Lisen, not a major character, but one who intrigues me. I believe it was the sad tale of how she waited for her love to return from the sea, but gave up her life when she realised he would never return. This part has always captured me in a way I can’t explain.

Since there was never a detailed description of Lisen, I drew her as I would imagine her. I painted this using one of several different sketches and adobe photoshop. I tried to show the longing in her eyes, looking over the sea, as her circlet’s light shines out to show her lover the way home…”

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