A Song for Arbonne, by Staffan Alsparr

Staffan writes:

“I picked up A Song for Arbonne at the local library when looking for something new to read. I find books a great fodder for painting and picture-making and always have a reading project going. I wasn’t familiar with Guy Gavriel Kay or his work before I read this book but chose it after reading through the first couple of pages at the library and finding myself really liking the style and the narrative, and what a find it was! Reading about the different cultures and their influence on the world was really intriguing, and I kept making sketches of scenes and characters as I was reading the book. Something that stayed with me throughout was a sense of sublime mystery, perhaps created by the prominent role of the troubadours, and I think that sense is what made me create this painting. The strive for survival of the priestesses and their faith was also something that I found moving and I wanted to express that through this priestess with a longing yet confident connection with the twin moons.”

You can see more of Staffan’s work at his website, http://staffanalsparr.com/.

Arbonne Staffan

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