Tigana Art

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Tigana is sometimes split into 2 books for many of the translations, as English tends to ‘grow’ a lot when translated into other languages, especially Romance languages.

Russian edition

Publisher: ECKSMO


Portuguese edition

Quebec edition
Artist: Guy England
Publisher: Alire
The title, as you’ll see if you look closely, was changed to Tigane. This is because there is a famous footballer in France called Jean Tigana, and the publishers feared confusion would arise. How ironic that of all GGK’s books, Tigana‘s name was changed…

German edition
Artist: Ingrid Schütz
Publisher Heyne Verlag
The titles translate to ‘The Curse’ and ‘The Fool’

Finnish edition
Artist: Sakari Tiikkaja
Publisher: Karisto (published in 2 volumes)
Artist comments:  The idea with the look for Alessan was that it should be as generic as possible without being uninteresting so as not to give the reader too defined a visualization of him. The cover is actually a stained glass window made by his imagined contemporaries depicting him at the “beginning” of his quest. Records of the legends are often glorified afterwards and so, him being a royal person, even his rustic appearance is “sweetened” somewhat. To make it short I thought, that this kind of window would have been made after the events of the book.

I also tried to convey a sense of post medieval stained glass art with his appearance and stance but not to the absolute, since Tigana is set in an imaginary land in an imaginary history.

The design for the second part continues the stained glass theme. Now the walls are made of marble instead of mahogany and the vines are now in autumn colors.

Swedish edition
Artist: Alexander Reichstein
Pub: Raben and Sjogren

Israeli edition
Artist: Adaptation of Mel Odom cover
Publisher: Opus
Italian edition
Title: ‘Land of the Two Moons’
Artist: Marco Ventura, 
Pub: Sperling and Kupfer, Milan
France edition
Publisher: l’Atalante
The cover is a detail from the early Renaissance painting by Ucello, ‘The Battle of San Romano.’
Estonian edition
Cover Design: Thomas Niklus
Publisher: Varrak
US trade paperback edition.
Publisher: Roc
Artist: Mel Odom
This artwork, in a slightly different format, was also used for the first US hardback edition, as well as for the first Canadian edition, and the later UK paperbacks (after the first edition paperback).
UK hardcover edition
Artist: Steve Crisp
Pub: Viking/Penguin
This cover was changed slightly for the first UK paperback (see below).The figure of the lone warrior was changed to a man and woman, and the towers on top of the crags were erased.
Spanish edition
Art: The Mel Odom painting, incorporated into a new design by Víctor Viano
Publisher: Timun Mas Editorial
Russian edition
Poland edition
Artist: Mick Van Houten
Publisher: Zysk i S-ka
Dutch reprint
Artist: Geoff Taylor
Publisher: Meulenhoff
Croatia full wrap
Artist: Igor Kordey
Publisher: Algoritam
Note how all of the characters’ mouths are covered, symbolizing their inability to share Tigana’s name.
Czech Republic edition
Artist: Jan P. Krásny
Publisher: Talpress
Canadian edition
Art by Henry Van Der Linde
Design by Cathy MacLean
American edition
Artist: Larry Rostant
Design: Ray Lundgren
Publisher: Roc
Canadian re-release edition
Designer: Lisa Jager
Publisher: Penguin

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