The Lions of Al-Rassan Art

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Serbian edition

Quebec edition
Publisher: Alire
French edition
Pub: J’ai Lu
France edition
Cover by leraf Design
US paperback edition.
Artist: Mel Odom.
Publisher: HarperPrism.
This cover was also used for the UK paperback
UK edition
Publisher: Voyager
UK hardback edition.
Artist: John Howe
Publisher: HarperCollins
Spanish paperback edition
Publisher: La FactorÍa de Ideas
Russian paperback edition.
Artist: Steve Yull. 
Publisher: Sekachyov/Eksmo
Portuguese edition
Quebec edition.
Artist: Guy England.
Publisher: Alire
German paperback edition
Artist: Gino d’Achille/Xing-Art
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
French hardback, full wrap cover. 
Artwork is a triple montage of a detail from the Madinat al-Zahra, one from the Villa Della Torre, and an illustration from an 11th century illuminated manuscript.
Publisher: l’Atalante
UK paperback edition
Artist: Bill Gregory
Publisher: Earthlight
Croatian edition
Artwork: stained glass by Igor Kordey, and sand by Mario Jurjeviê.
Publisher: Algoritam
Canadian hardback edition. 
Artist: Gerard Gauci. 
Publisher: Viking/Penguin
Canadian trade edition
Artist: Cathy MacLean
Publisher: Penguin Canada
Pub: Penguin
Cover Design: Lisa Jager
US trade edition
Artist: Cathy MacLean
Publisher: Harper Collins
Canadian re-release edition
Designer: Lisa Jager
Publisher: Penguin

Russian edition
Publisher: Eksmo

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