The Last Light of the Sun Art

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France edition

Publisher: L’atalante


Canadian trade paperback
Artist: Cathy McLean
Publisher: Penguin Canada
American hardback edition
Artist: Larry Rostant
Publisher: Roc
UK paperback edition
Artist: Larry Rostant
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Swedish edition
Cover illustration: Johan Ehrenberg
Publisher: Förlag Onsdag
German paperback edition
Cover design: Buro Hamburg and Hilden Design
Publisher: Piper Verlag
France paperback edition 
Artist: Marc Simonetti 
Publisher: Pocket
Croatian edition 
Artist: Igor Kordey
Publisher: Algoritam
Canadian hardback edition Simon & Schuster are using the same cover for the UK edition.
Artist: Larry Rostant
Publisher: Penguin Canada
Alire (Quebec) edition 
Artist: Jacques Lamontagne
Publisher: Alire
Canadian re-release edition
Designer: Lisa Jager
Publisher: Penguin
Czech Republic

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