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With an unexpected, and pleasing, level of agreement the three editors for Children of Earth and Sky had amazingly similar shortlists for the photo contest. What makes it even nicer is that I also agreed!

We all muttered a lot (if you can mutter in an email) about other genuinely good candidates for prizes – and I’m going to share a number of honourable mentions in a later post.

The underlying idea, you’ll recall, was a photo of the book ‘in the wild’. Two of the editors specified this as significant in making their final pick, the notion that the photo needed to show the book clearly, to fit that concept and win.

So, without pretending to having trouble tearing open the envelope or anything so lame, herewith the winner as selected by Nicole Winstanley, Claire Zion and Oliver Johnson:

Terrence Drake wins the leather-bound copy of Children of Earth and Sky. He and his photographer were, well, on fire. Unique? Check. Book clearly shown? Check. Wild in many ways? Check, indeed.


We have a tie for runner-up, however (in order to keep peace and harmony in the kingdoms, there’s enough warfare in the book!). These two will each receive signed copies of the new Penguin Canada reprints of three of their backlist titles (the first three of nine coming in next months). Thanks go out to Nicole and her team at Penguin Canada, not only for the leather-bound, but for shipping two sets of these!

First runner-up, because everyone thought it was genuinely funny, is “Ichabod Noodle”, who captioned this one: “Half time at the footy. Giants up by 44, Senjani pirates raiding. ‪#TwoPassions


Two passions, indeed. Though I lament I could only get his attention at the half! (And in a 44 point blowout, too!)

The other runner-up was picked for being simply beautiful and evocative. It is Jenna MacWhirter whose caption was “Though The Walls Crumble Around Me”. Gorgeously located, framed, the lovely colour of the blue dress (there’s a riff on blue in painting in the book), definitely in the wild.


I’ll do that follow-up post soon with other photos that were discussed, and greatly enjoyed. You can see them all for yourselves under the hashtag #ReadThisGuy, on Twitter.

Here’s a look at the prizes.


If the winners would send me Direct Messages on Twitter (I’ll follow them all now, to make that possible) with your preferred mailing addresses, and how you’d like the books inscribed, we’ll get you your prizes asap.

Congratulations to all three of you! And thank you to everyone who entered. All my editors reported how much fun this was (despite how tough it also was), and I felt exactly the same way.

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