Bright Weavings Makeover

Publication week starts (tomorrow in North America, Thursday in UK). I’ll have a couple of announcements of Fun Things before I go on the road.

First of these is this: Bright Weavings, as many of you know, was created as a labour of love by the wonderful Deborah Meghnagi in 2000. Content has steadily been updated by her and Alec Lynch, but the ‘look’ has been unchanged since a very early revision.

This winter, my old friend Sue Reynolds of Piquant Productions (Sue also did the maps for Fionavar and Tigana) has been doing a major site updating, bringing BW forward 15 years or so in look. Content was not altered (she cleaned up some dead links) and will be updated regularly as before.

Hope you like it. This was a major task – it is a big site. If you see glitches, stray links, discover sasquatches or random dragons, please email word of them – the site’s contact address is at bottom of every page.

(Note: as of right now the Art Galleries are still being fine tuned, that’ll take a few more days. Sue is on it.)

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