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So, Trish Bunnett, my publicist at Penguin Random House Canada (I still prefer ‘Random Penguin’, probably always will), coordinating with Alexis Nixon who does the same thing in NY, has laid out and released the tour itinerary. This is not entirely final, there are more events to come, but they haven’t pinned exact details down, and wanted to get the current schedule out for people. We’ll add what needs adding as it comes in.

Some of these will require online ticket orders (the worldwide launch on May 11th in Toronto does – but the library hasn’t opened the ticket process yet, I will alert you when they do), some are free and some have a charge (usually to cover the venue). All are open to the public, and I’ll sign books (usually my own, it really doesn’t work as well when I sign George Martin’s or Yann Martel’s, and they tend not to autograph mine!). No truth to rumour/threat that I will sing. Fear not. Come find me.




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