Against: Violence Against Women

I am aware that everyone is always being pushed to donate for charitable efforts (or for Kickstarter!). But I’ve agreed to support and promote a cause I believe in, and I hope readers will share my feeling that this is worthwhile, and spread the word.

Also, that people will enjoy what I’ve done for this. The essence is as follows. I’ve joined a campaign called The Pixel Project which aims to raise money to help resist violence against women, worldwide.

The campaign is taking many forms, and do have a look at their website to see other people who interest you and what is being offered by them in support. In my case, they asked if I’d write them something original, in a format called a Drabble.

No, this is not an homage to English novelist Margaret Drabble. A Drabble, they advised, is a 100 word short story. Supposed to be exactly so. (If I am off by a word, blame Word’s word count!)

I liked the idea, and I wrote one for them. Then I thought about something (I do that.) The first idea that had come to me was for a scene that comes after the end of Lord of Emperors. But, of course there are those who have not read that book (I know, hard to imagine.) and there is an inherent spoiler effect in such a scene, however brief. (The puppy dies??? Note: joke.).

So I wrote them another. This one takes place before the opening of The Summer Tree, so no possible spoiler effect. The puissant Pixel Project People promptly proposed (!) that either Drabble, whichever is desired, be sent to donators of $50, and $75 would get both. Obviously, and in support of the cause, we are asking people not to post them online, though if you like them you are hereby formally given permission to say so. They are ‘themed’. You’ll see.

I firmly believe, as I am quoted saying in the press release, that one of the measures of any culture is the status of women in that society. Inherent, endemic violence against women is more than some ‘black mark’, it is a blight, and working against that is surely a cause for all of us.

One more note. You’ll see in the press release and on their site that this is a ‘Celebrity Male Role Model’ campaign. I have advised the members of my scotch group that if they call me that, I am taking my bottles and going home. On the other hand, both my younger brothers are now instructed to use this ‘official’ phrase in future dealings. Ahem.

Here is the poster they made. Check out the site, do support them if you can. There aren’t a whole lot of things more worthwhile.

FB Poster - Promo - Guy Gavriel Kay-01



2 thoughts on “Against: Violence Against Women

  1. At less than 50 cents a word, this is a steal! Thanks for doing this; it’s definitely a worthy cause. (and we already knew you were a celebrity male role model LOL)

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