A quickie…

I am trying not to be a tease (he says, teasing). There will be some real announcements, one as early as next week, but at this point everything is about coordinating and I need to let my various publishers do their thing.

I’m about halfway through the proofreading. Have spotted only 6-8 straight typos, or missing commas etc, but I am guilty of my usual transgression: am cutting on average about 3-5 words a page. Simple trims. I am very aware I am making work for the production people … depending on how a paragraph ends, dropping one or two words can alter the page breaks. I do feel contrite (see I am even noting that here!) but I also know these slight, invisible trims make me happier.

Italics are dying en masse.

New York tomorrow. A long day, straight from airport into four separate meetings, then more on Friday. This is the US equivalent of the meetings I had here last week and on Monday of this week.

Oh. I think I can say this: the worldwide launch event for River of Stars looks like it is confirmed: will be here in Toronto on April 4th. Details, as always, to follow.

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