Unforeseen obstacles!

The camera tells the tale of why I might be egregiously late! Or wreck my back, whichever comes first.

Cat occupying Authorial Editing Chair (aka Perfectly Splendid Nap Place). The war has been going on since the weather turned colder. It shows no signs of easing up. I am (mostly) winning. But not always.

And the sad consequences of the above:

This is the Suffering Author Seat, to which retreats must be made when the damned cat looks WAY too comfortable. This does not not, dare I say, offer an ideal editing position. 

Need I say more? Really?


8 thoughts on “Unforeseen obstacles!

  1. This is doing nothing helpful for the Curmudgeonly Author Semblance™, of course. (Though it may soon contribute to Actual Curmudgeonliness…!)

  2. I think GGK may want to hand in his Curmudgeonly Miser card.

    There’s a line crossed once you’ve posted cat pics on the internet…

  3. No, I edit outside the box.

    There are some lamentable confusions manifesting hereabouts as to the True Nature of the curmudgeon. Said state of mind or mien has to do with people, humankind, the follies of the species, not cats and dogs, or even deer and dogs (see the video of the Springetts’ Kate and Pippin, nearing 1,000,000 Youtube hits). (W.C. Fields is an exception!) I should also point out that the damned cat was ejected (fine, gently) about 6 times during the workday, before being allowed to stay put just before I went down for a drink and dinner.

    Back to it.

  4. I think cats operate on a combination of “Why are you paying more attention to that keyboard than me?” and “Because I deserve it”. Condolences on your upcoming back problems. Would you consider sitting on one of those big exercise balls?

  5. Amused me that the cat got the most comments here. What a surprise! Janie, if I ever sat on ‘one of those big exercise balls’ (ahem) and a photo was leaked I would be defenestrated during the next meeting of the Curmudgeon Society. Membership: Priceless.

    • The promise of the Internet as an educational resource has been demolished by the statistic that cat videos on YouTube win the popular-viewing stakes, hands down. By the way, you signed a copy of Beyond This Dark House for me in Vancouver, many years ago. I still dip into it from time to time. Thanks for the poetry.

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