WFC, aftermath

I didn’t even have to travel, WFC was here in Toronto, and I still feel as if I am returning to my life from far away. Conventions and conferences do that to you, don’t they?

It was a very good weekend, all credit to Con Chair Peter Halasz and his team. The usual blurred sequence of breakfasts, lunches, drinks, dinners, drinks, room parties with drinks. I recall, out of the mists, a really good rum quietly offered by Sally Harding of the Cooke Agency after their cocktail party, and a terrific dinner Saturday night, the Charles Brown dinner, as some of us think of it – a tradition in his memory. (Charlie founded and embodied Locus Magazine, and our dinners together were a highlight of any con for me.)

The line of the weekend may have been Rodger Turner’s, one of the World Fantasy’s executive members. As I was headed up to a publisher’s party around 9:30 one of the nights, I saw Rodger approaching along the hotel’s main floor. He looked tired. ‘Rodger, you okay?’ I asked. He sighed. ‘Guy, I can’t take these crazy 10:30 nights any more!’

The Saturday reading from River of Stars was a lot of fun. A very good crowd, and they were kind enough to laugh when the passage was funny, and not to laugh when it was’t! My kind of audience. At the awards ceremony, I was asked to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the quite wonderful Alan Garner, and to read out the letter he’d sent. It gave me a chance to very briefly express how pleased I was that the World Fantasy committee had conferred that distinction on him. Garner’s a powerful, passionate, challenging, important writer, and has been for 50 years.

Back in harness editing this morning, with a publisher meeting tomorrow, up at the Penguin offices to discuss some ideas they want to propose. And there is now a New York trip to be planned for the near future. I tend to start these online Journals as the marketing plans and production process for a book ramp up … and that’s exactly what is happening.

There were a lot of queries on the weekend, and I knew there would be, so I armed myself with the facts beforehand: the ARCs (bound galleys) will indeed be going out to variously selected targets, as actual copies or e-files, in early January. I still have some trouble processing how early that is, for an April book, but that’s the new game we all play…

Back to the red pencil work, cyber-version.


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