Images of Fionavar

Martin Springett was the first artist to bring his skills to the portrayal of GGK’s world of Fionavar. His beautiful tapestry-like designs for the The Summer Tree, The Wandering Fire and The Darkest Road graced the first editions of The Fionavar Tapestry in Canada, the US, and the UK. It is especially exciting that Martin is going to be gracing this site with even more of his skills. Click here for Martin’s biography.


Martin’s original covers are available to buy as full-size posters. Click through to see them, and for more details on how to get hold of them yourself.

On Creating Covers

Specially for the site, Martin has written a fascinating essay that delves into the process of creating a book cover, and in particular into the creation of his Fionavar covers. He’s also given us some of his early sketches from his first explorations of the themes and ideas he would use in his paintings.


Martin has created bookmarks with details from each of his posters – one for each of the books of The Fionavar Tapestry, and one of his Ceinwen poster. They’re available to buy, and they’re laminated, which means they’ll last. Click through to see.

People of Fionavar

Martin is designing a new poster series of images inspired by Fionavar, based on the main characters that inhabit that world, also available to buy as posters. Click on a title to see the image.

Ceinwen the Huntress, with Dave Martyniuk

Galadan of the Andain, with Jennifer Lowell.

Eilathen of the Lake

Dana of the Moon

The Battle between Cavall and Galadan in Mornirwood

Brightly Woven Portfolio

The “Brightly Woven” portfolio contains five images from The Summer Tree (those showing under the title ‘People of Fionavar’ above), plus a specially designed “Cover Page” signed by the author and illustrator. The art is printed on 8.5 by 11 matte heavyweight paper, using an Epson Colour Stylus printer at the home studio of the artist. Colour control is optimised using this set-up, and therefore the printed pieces are very close to what you see on the screen. Each image is also available as a poster printed on 11 by 17 coated stock, greeting cards and laminated bookmarks. The collection will be growing, with more images added in the future.


The Brightly Woven Portfolio $70 Canadian, $45 US.

Cards – The full set $18 US, $25 Can.

Bookmarks – The full set – $18 US, $25 Can. (A set of bookmarks derived from the original posters are also available, at $2 US each, plus postage).

Posters – $15 US each.

Email Martin Springett directly with your orders.

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