Cover Art from Tigana

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Tigana was first published in 1990.

It has since been translated into many languages. Many foreign language editions used the same covers as English language editions; I present here covers that display varied artwork only. Click on a cover to see a larger image.

US trade paperback edition. Pub: Roc
Artist: Mel Odom.
This artwork by Mel Odom, in a slightly different format, was also used for the first US hardback edition, as well as for the first Canadian edition, and the later UK paperbacks (after the first edition paperback, seen below).

UK hardback edition. Artist: Steve Crisp.
Pub: Viking/Penguin. This cover was changed slightly for the first UK paperback – see right.

GGK new icon

 UK first paperback edition of TiganaThe figure of the lone warrior was changed to a man and woman, and the towers on top of the crags were erased.

Canadian trade paperback; part of a relaunch of GGK’s ‘historical’ books with a unified look by Penguin.
Art by: Henry Van Der Linde, design by Cathy MacLean

(Click here to view all Penguin relaunch covers)

Quebec edition. Artist: Guy England. Pub: Alire. As can be seen, Tigana was split into 2 books. This happened for many of the translations, as English tends to ‘grow’ a lot when translated into other languages, especially Romance languages. The title, as you’ll see if you look closely, was changed to Tigane. This is because there is a famous footballer in France called Jean Tigana, and the publishers feared confusion would arise. How ironic that of all GGK’s books, Tigana‘s name was changed…

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Swedish edition of Tigana.
Artist: Alexander Reichstein.
Pub: Raben and Sjogren.

French edition. Pub: l’Atalante. The cover is a detail from the early Renaissance painting by Ucello, ‘The Battle of San Romano.’

Croatian edition.
Artist: Igor Kordey.
Pub: Algoritam.

German edition.
Artist: Ingrid Schütz.
Pub: Heyne Verlag.
The titles mean ‘The Curse’ and ‘The Fool’.

Italian edition.
Title: ‘Land of the Two Moons’
Artist: Marco Ventura,
Pub: Sperling and Kupfer, Milan

Polish edition.
Artist: Mick Van Houten.
Pub: Zysk i S-ka

Russian edition.
Artist: Anatoly Dubovik
Pub: Sekachyov
Click on the cover for a larger pic and a translation of the Russian cover blurb

Spanish edition.
Art:The Mel Odom painting, incorporated into a new design by Víctor Viano. Pub: Timun Mas Editorial.

Dutch reprint edition.
Artist: Geoff Taylor
Pub: Meulenhoff 

The Finnish edition of Tigana, published in two volumes

Artist: Sakari Tiikkaja
Pub: Karisto
Click here for artist’s comments

U.S. trade paperback reprint edition (2008).
Artist: Larry Rostant
Design: Ray Lundgren
Pub: Roc

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