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Danica and Leonora

Friendship interests me as a writer. It can be a mysterious thing. Usually it grows over time, someone becomes a presence in our life and at some point we realize how much we value them – and often that comes … Continue reading

Children of Earth and Sky: An Origin Story

Croatia has roads in many places going back to the Romans. They joke today that the old roads are better graded and designed than the new ones. It is probably true. On a book tour many years ago, I was … Continue reading

GGK’s Introduction to Bright Weavings

A word from Guy Gavriel Kay Somewhere on this site is the quote from Cato the Elder that I used for years in reply to queries about the absence of an ‘official’ website about me or my work. Cato is … Continue reading

On Readings

Public performances are another aspect of the writer’s business about which I feel some ambivalence. There are ironies here: I enjoy reading aloud, and I derive a great deal of pleasure from meeting readers. What’s the problem, then? Well, I’ve … Continue reading


Mondegreens This piece first appeared in the National Post. It is reprinted here with kind permission. Sometimes life delivers something we always longed for but didn’t even know it. It doesn’t happen (as best I can tell) nearly often enough, … Continue reading

The Problem with the Patriot"

Bright Weavings – GGK’s Words: Essay “The Problem with the Patriot” The Problem with ‘The Patriot‘ I was in London when the latest summer blockbuster, Roland Emmerich’s ‘The Patriot’ opened in theatres there. It was assaulted by some of the … Continue reading

In Memoriam – Dorothy Dunnett

This appreciation first appeared in Locus Magazine, December 2001. I met Dorothy Dunnett first in the spring of 1975, a memory I cherish and a moment that was to teach me something about writers and how they might deal graciously … Continue reading