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Review by N.R. Alexander of The Speculative Scotsman

for Tigana “Set in a beleaguered land caught in a web of tyranny, Tigana is the deeply moving story of a people struggling to be free. A people so cursed by the dark sorceries of the tyrant King Brandin that … Continue reading

The Real Thing: High Fantasy for True Fans

Reviewed by Douglas Barbour for The Toronto Star I find it hard to imagine that any other high fantasy published this year – or for the next few if it comes to that – will come close to matching Guy … Continue reading

Postcolonialism in Guy Kay’s Tigana

This is an undergraduate paper by Kent Aardse written for a course taken at the University of Lethbridge in 2008. The unifying movement of postcolonial literature sets out to expose the conditions experienced in the world by those people of … Continue reading

Royal Ascent: the romance of monarchy in Yvain, The Hobbit, and Tigana

by Stephen David Wark, 1998 Stephen Wark explains how he came to write this paper: “As far as the provenance of the paper goes, it was written for a course during my M.A. at Concordia University titled “Early Modern Romance”. … Continue reading

Songs in the Blood: The Discourse of Music in Three Canadian Novels

by Joyce Gutensohn, 2004 Joyce explains: I had originally planned to write my MA thesis at the University of Victoria on some aspect of the relationship between music and literature, and was leaning toward the traditional approach of examining a … Continue reading

Polish review of Tigana – translated

BY RaF Tigana… The forgotten name of a forgotten kingdom. But this kingdom still existed not so many years ago. Is human memory so fragile? Probably not. Not in these kind of matters. Nevertheless nobody knows anything at all about Tigana. … Continue reading

GGK’s Later Novels: The History behind the Books

This summation appears courtesy of Mary Anne Mohanraj and Christopher Cobb, and first appeared in Strange Horizons ezine. Each of Kay’s later novels is patterned after a different southern European culture and its history. The story in Tigana is modeled … Continue reading

French review of Tigana – translated

Tigana has above all else a particular flavour. It has a unique atmosphere, built up of little nothings that suffice to make this fantasy world, baroque in inspiration and based on the Italian Renaissance, endearing. Tigana is also pervaded by … Continue reading

Reading Passage from Tigana

From Chapter Eight of Tigana Dianora could remember, with jagged, sharp-edged clarity, the first time she’d called her home Lower Corte. They all could, all the survivors: it was, for each of them, a moment embedded like a fish hook … Continue reading

Tigana (leather bound intro)

The Leather-Bound Masterpieces of Fantasy The Other Side of The Mirror Tigana By Guy Gavriel Kay THE SUBJECT IS FANTASY. In the field of fantasy, eras are measured as B.T. or A.T. – Before Tolkien or after Tolkien. Certainly that … Continue reading

A Review with a Difference!

Here’s a bit of light relief for all you readers out there who know and love Tigana. There’s an interesting little feature known rather appropriately as ‘babelfish’ (check it out!). Basically, it translates pages that you send it into a … Continue reading

Cover of Tigana (10th Anniversary U.S.A. edition)

GGK’s note

The change came about because – to be oblique and subtle about this – I hated this cover with some passion. It emerged only because Penguin UK ended up in a huge time bind, as they raced to accede to … Continue reading

Cover of Tigana (UK hardback)

Cover of Tigana (UK 1st paperback edition)

Cover of Tigana (Spanish edition)

Cover of Tigana (Book 1 of Swedish edition)

Cover of Tigana (Book 2 of the Swedish edition)

Cover of Tigana (Russian edition)

A translation of the blurb on the cover of the Russian edition was sent in by Elena Leonoff: In revenge for the death of his son, the sorceror-king Brandin Igratsky resolves to destroy even the memory of the name of … Continue reading

Cover of Tigana (Polish edition)

Cover of Tigana (Portugese edition)

Cover of Tigana (Book 1 of Quebecois edition)

Cover of Tigana (Book 2 of Quebecois edition)

Tigana-Inspired Piece by Nana Leonti

This Nana Leonti’s piece inspired by Tigana. Nana Leonti writes: “Both my husband and I are avid fans of GGK’s works. Some days ago we were talking about favourite quotes and such from the books and he had this brilliant idea … Continue reading

Cover of Tigana (book 1 of German edition)

Cover of Tigana (book 2 of German edition)

Cover of Tigana (Israeli Edition)

Cover of Tigana (Italian edition)

Cover of Tigana (French edition)

Cover of Tigana (Estonian edition)

Cover of Tigana (Finnish 1)


Cover of Tigana (Finnish 2)


The Artist on the Finnish Tigana covers

The idea with the look for Alessan was that it should be as generic as possible without being uninteresting so as not to give the reader too defined a visualization of him. The cover is actually a stained glass window … Continue reading

Cover of Tigana (Dutch reprint)

Cover of Tigana (Croation full wrap painting)

Cover of Tigana (Czech Republic edition)

Cover of Tigana (Canadian )

Cover Art from Tigana

Preview version. Tigana was first published in 1990. It has since been translated into many languages. Many foreign language editions used the same covers as English language editions; I present here covers that display varied artwork only. Click on a … Continue reading

Cover of Tigana (American Roc reissue)