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Linon and the Zubir by Clémence Brousse

Clémence writes: “In the Sarantine Mosaic the encounter with the Zubir is an incredibly haunting scene and I wanted to convey the oppressive feeling of old power, but also the sense of decay that the old god carries. This piece … Continue reading

Tabor and Imraith-Nimphais, by Jenny Dolfen

Tabor and Imraith-Nimphais from The Fionavar Tapestry, by Jenny Dolfen. You can see more of Jenny’s work on her website. (Click for larger image)

A Song for Arbonne, by Staffan Alsparr

Staffan writes: “I picked up A Song for Arbonne at the local library when looking for something new to read. I find books a great fodder for painting and picture-making and always have a reading project going. I wasn’t familiar … Continue reading

Tigana, by Bard Judith

Bard writes: “I’m an artist/bard/creative who uses digital art journalling on a regular basis to process life, facilitate creativity, calm and heal myself, and record events/ideas/emotions that are worth preserving and remembering. This piece was done on one of the … Continue reading

David Dang – Lancelot fighting Curdadh

David Dang’s portrait of Lancelot fighting Curdadh, from Fionavar, appears here. David writes: “After reading the Fionavar Tapestry for the third time, and meeting Mr. Kay at the Habourfront Reading in Toronto, I finally felt compelled to do the thing … Continue reading

Annah Hutchings’ portrait of Lisen

Annah Hutchings’ portrait of Lisen. Annah writes: “I think I first read the Fionavar Trilogy a few years ago when I was 14. I remember buying the first book, then after reading the first few chapters, going out and buying … Continue reading

Sarantium Carving by Peter Bloch-Hansen

This is Peter Bloch-Hansen’s fascinating Sarantine collage wood carving , with his explanation of the background of the piece. You can click on the picture for a larger image, which will appear in a new window. Just close the window … Continue reading

The Fionavar Tapestry Tarot by Sara Strand

This tarot deck appears courtesy of Sara Strand, otherwise known as Silvestris, who also contributed a fantastic portrait of Galadan to the art section of the site. Her website can be found here. “Why a Fionavar Tarot Deck? Well, I … Continue reading

Al-Rassan – Alex Tokmakchiev

(Click for a larger image) This is Alex Tokmakchiev’s vision of The Lions of Al-Rassan. Alex Tokmakchiev writes: “I discovered Guy Gavriel Kay’s magnificent books more than a year ago. I first got my hands on the Sarantium Mosaic, which … Continue reading

Galadan by Sara Strand (Silvestris)

Sara writes: “The very first time I got to read the Fionavar Tapestry I was only 11 years old, and the series influenced me greatly. It was my very first encounter with the fantasy genre, and made me realize I … Continue reading

Tigana-Inspired Piece by Nana Leonti

This Nana Leonti’s piece inspired by Tigana. Nana Leonti writes: “Both my husband and I are avid fans of GGK’s works. Some days ago we were talking about favourite quotes and such from the books and he had this brilliant idea … Continue reading

Fionavar by Tim Fricker

Tim Fricker’s lovingly detailed portrayal of the characters and ideas of The Fionavar Tapestry appears here. You can click on the picture for a (much) larger image, which will appear in a new window. Just close the window to get … Continue reading

Peony, by Goñi Montes. Art director: Kristin Lenz

Upon the request of the Washington Post’s Kristin Lenz, Goñi Montes created the piece as an illustration for the book review of Under Heaven which appeared in that paper. You can see more of Montes’ work at his website,

Under Heaven cover, by Nick Mayer

Nick Mayer writes: “Shortly after the new GGK novel (Under Heaven) was anounced I had a stong mental image of what felt like a cover design. I think this partially came from thinking about cover designs for the other novels … Continue reading

Curdardh, by Fédéric Maisonneuve

Fédéric Maisonneuve writes: “Ever since I started reading Guy Gavriel Kay`s books, my mind couldn’t stop imagining the characters and settings from his stories. Drawing is my passion and I hope to work as a concept artist for videogame companies … Continue reading

Galadan, by Athena Leonti

Athena writes: “I chose to depict Galadan mainly because of the completeness of the character. He’s a villain that has whatever treat the “mean” guy would want, with a twist! I love the idea that he has gone evil because … Continue reading

The Riselka, by Naomi

I am very happy to add this piece to the reader art section of the site…not least because when Naomi talks about her sister introducing her to GGK’s works, she’s talking about me! “My sister introduced me to GGK’s works … Continue reading

Crispin’s Mosaic, by Melissa

Another wonderful piece of art sent in by a reader to the Bright Weavings site. Melissa Houle’s great portrayal of Crispin’s mosaic in Ravenna of the Sarantines he met in Sarantium. Click on the picture for a larger image, which … Continue reading

Jaelle, by Myaah

Myaah writes: “I discovered the Fionavar Tapestry quite a while after it was first published. A friend of mine advised me to check it out, and I must say I was not disappointed. Paul and Jaelle are my favorite couple: … Continue reading