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GGK’s Schedule of Appearances for Autumn 2016

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The Once and Future Childslayer by Kathy Cawsey

The Once and Future Childslayer: Guy Gavriel Kay’s Inversion of Malory’s Morte Darthur KATHY CAWSEY, Department of English, Dalhousie University Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry interprets Arthur’s return not as a reward or honor, but as a punishment for killing … Continue reading

Review by N.R. Alexander of The Speculative Scotsman

for Tigana “Set in a beleaguered land caught in a web of tyranny, Tigana is the deeply moving story of a people struggling to be free. A people so cursed by the dark sorceries of the tyrant King Brandin that … Continue reading

The Real Thing: High Fantasy for True Fans

Reviewed by Douglas Barbour for The Toronto Star I find it hard to imagine that any other high fantasy published this year – or for the next few if it comes to that – will come close to matching Guy … Continue reading

Review by Joe Milicia, for the New York Review of Science Fiction.

Reprinted with kind permission. “Vollendet das ewige Werk!”-“Completed, the eternal work!”-cries Wotan at first sight of the newly built Valhalla in Wagner’s Das Rheingold. Ideally, that is what the fan of Guy Gavriel Kay should be crying, upon closing the … Continue reading

Review by Victoria Hoyle of Eve’s Alexandria

Lord of Emperors Review by Victoria Hoyle of Eve’s Alexandria Let me begin candidly: Lord of Emperors only confirms the burgeoning suspicion I had at the end of Sailing to Sarantium. The Sarantine Mosaic is, for me, one of *the* … Continue reading

Mosaics and charioteers: Guy Gavriel Kay’s Sarantine Mosaic

Review by Jo Walton. This review originally appeared here at, along with reader comments, and is reproduced with permission. Your experience of reading Guy Gavriel Kay’s Sarantine Mosaic Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors is likely to be … Continue reading

Review by Kate Nepveu

Copyright July 31, 2000. Originally posted to rec.arts.sf.written. More of Kate’s reviews can be found at “There were those in the Hippodrome that day for whom the racing held more importance than mighty events of war and succession and … Continue reading

Pieces of History

Review by Cheryl Morgan for her online magazine, Emerald City. It is a lost art, mosaic making. Few craftsmen these days can make a picture from a myriad coloured stones, let alone master the higher art of doing so in … Continue reading

Review by Wayne MacLaurin

for Guy Gavriel Kay is a true craftsman. His work is incredibly expansive and rich in detail. And, as is often the case with great artists, it takes Kay some considerable time to develop his masterpieces. It’s been two … Continue reading

New Standards of the Historical Fantasy Genre

Reviewed by Doug Barbour for The Edmonton Journal Finally, two years after Sailing to Sarantium, Guy Gavriel Kay has given us the second panel, so to speak, of The Sarantine Mosaic, his truly astonishing historical fantasy of another world’s ancient … Continue reading

Barnes & Noble

Art for Fantasy’s Sake Review by Bill Sheehan for Barnes & Noble Guy Gavriel Kay’s Lord of Emperors triumphantly concludes the massive, two-volume historical fantasy collectively entitled The Sarantine Mosaic. Sailing to Sarantium, the opening volume, appeared last year and … Continue reading

Review by Victoria Hoyle

of Eve’s Alexandria Sailing to Sarantium I have a set of bright memories associated with various of Guy Gavriel Kay’s novels: Sitting, aged 13, grief-stricken and sobbing in a cold bath having finished “The Darkest Road”, the final weft in … Continue reading

Review by Thomas Wagner

 on his website SF Reviews.Net For SAILING TO SARANTIUM Reprinted with kind permission. In truest Kay fashion, the 40-page prologue to Sailing to Sarantium—this modern master’s first foray into series fiction since The Fionavar Tapestry over a decade earlier—could stand … Continue reading

Review by Joe Milicia for the New York Review of Science Fiction

Reprinted with kind permission. It must be a special satisfaction for historians writing about Late Antiquity to be able to use the phrase “Byzantine intrigue” and mean it quite literally. A reviewer of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Sailing to Sarantiumat least … Continue reading

Art for Fantasy’s Sake

Sailing to Sarantium Reviewed by Bill Sheehan for Barnes & Noble Guy Gavriel Kay’s career in fantasy began with his editorial contributions to J.R.R. Tolkien’s posthumous epic, The Silmarillion. Since then, he has established himself as a remarkable and original … Continue reading

Review by Kate Nepveu.

 Copyright May 12, 1999. Originally posted to rec.arts.sf.written. More of Kate’s reviews can be found at “To say of a man that he was sailing to Sarantium was to say that his life was on the cusp of change: … Continue reading

Review by Allie Sawyer for the ezine Dark Moon Rising.

Sailing to Sarantium Allie’s column of reviews is called ‘From the Observatory’ and she uses a rating system with scoring out of 5 moons. Unlike such prolific authors as Piers Anthony, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Raymond Feist, Guy Gavriel Kay … Continue reading

Review by Doug Barbour, for The Edmonton Journal

Sailing to Sarantium For some time now, Canada’s Guy Gavriel Kay has been recognized as one of the finest writers of high fantasy in the world. He first achieved fame with one of the finest post-Tolkien fantasy trilogies, The Fionavar … Continue reading

Review by Dena Taylor – Sailing to Sarantium

This review is part of an upcoming book on GGK being published by NIMROD PRESS (New Lambton, NSW, Australia) in the BABEL HANDBOOKS series. In Sailing to Sarantium, Volume One of The Sarantine Mosaic, Kay moves east in his secondary … Continue reading

Beacon (Kevin’s Song) – Joy Green

It seems to me I wander Aimless, pointless Drifting where the tide takes me away Knowing that there has to be A reason out there waiting, Waiting for me to find it, some day And when I touch someone I … Continue reading

Brightly-Woven Prince – Joy Green

When I think of him, I think of laughter Insouciant and wild A thoughtless daring, care-for-nothing Fearless as a child When I think of him, I think of a garden The heavy scent in the glade The touch of his … Continue reading

GGK’s Introduction to Bright Weavings

A word from Guy Gavriel Kay Somewhere on this site is the quote from Cato the Elder that I used for years in reply to queries about the absence of an ‘official’ website about me or my work. Cato is … Continue reading

A Song for Arbonne by Merav Hoffman

Lyrics with Notation

The Troubadour

by Krissy Hunter, August 12, 2006 The troubadour, he sings and writes, Woos, lampoons, and delights. Children laugh, while women swoon, And evening ends, much too soon. But back he’ll be, and with a will, Armed with parchment and a … Continue reading

Silvenes by William A. Bazzell

Seek not, lest pride distend thy voice, to qualm With words the beating of immeasured hearts When thoughts remind of days of tranquil calm Which only thought of Silvenes imparts. Seek not, oh lowly poet, any word Of ill towards … Continue reading


Myth • The Encyclopedia Mythica (Online Encyclopedia of mythical names and references) • The Camelot Project Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies and basic information   History This section contains links to sites that offer information related to the various periods of … Continue reading

Q&A with Guy about Ysabel

This interview has been taken from the official Ysabel website of Penguin Canada, with permission. ________________________________ Q: One of your trademarks as an author is to take real historical events and settings and use them as the basis for the … Continue reading

Letter to the Reader of Ysabel

Dear Reader, When my family and I embarked on our own “year in Provence” in the autumn of 2004, I discovered that the well known seductions of the south of France could come with challenges that went beyond plumbing or … Continue reading

Prologue to Ysabel

There is one story and one story only That will prove worth your telling, Whether as learned bard or gifted child; To it all lines or lesser gauds belong That startle with their shining Such common stories as they stray … Continue reading

Interview with Kristin Centorcelli

SF Signal: An interview with Guy Gavriel Kay This interview was conducted online by Kristin Centorcelli and originally appeared at SF Signal in February 2013. Reproduced with kind permission. Guy Gavriel Kay is the #1 internationally bestselling author of ten … Continue reading

David Dang – Lancelot fighting Curdadh

David Dang’s portrait of Lancelot fighting Curdadh, from Fionavar, appears here. David writes: “After reading the Fionavar Tapestry for the third time, and meeting Mr. Kay at the Habourfront Reading in Toronto, I finally felt compelled to do the thing … Continue reading

Annah Hutchings’ portrait of Lisen

Annah Hutchings’ portrait of Lisen. Annah writes: “I think I first read the Fionavar Trilogy a few years ago when I was 14. I remember buying the first book, then after reading the first few chapters, going out and buying … Continue reading

Sarantium Carving by Peter Bloch-Hansen

This is Peter Bloch-Hansen’s fascinating Sarantine collage wood carving , with his explanation of the background of the piece. You can click on the picture for a larger image, which will appear in a new window. Just close the window … Continue reading

Peony, by Goñi Montes. Art director: Kristin Lenz

Upon the request of the Washington Post’s Kristin Lenz, Goñi Montes created the piece as an illustration for the book review of Under Heaven which appeared in that paper. You can see more of Montes’ work at his website,

Under Heaven cover, by Nick Mayer

Nick Mayer writes: “Shortly after the new GGK novel (Under Heaven) was anounced I had a stong mental image of what felt like a cover design. I think this partially came from thinking about cover designs for the other novels … Continue reading

Curdardh, by Fédéric Maisonneuve

Fédéric Maisonneuve writes: “Ever since I started reading Guy Gavriel Kay`s books, my mind couldn’t stop imagining the characters and settings from his stories. Drawing is my passion and I hope to work as a concept artist for videogame companies … Continue reading

Galadan, by Athena Leonti

Athena writes: “I chose to depict Galadan mainly because of the completeness of the character. He’s a villain that has whatever treat the “mean” guy would want, with a twist! I love the idea that he has gone evil because … Continue reading

The Riselka, by Naomi

I am very happy to add this piece to the reader art section of the site…not least because when Naomi talks about her sister introducing her to GGK’s works, she’s talking about me! “My sister introduced me to GGK’s works … Continue reading

Crispin’s Mosaic, by Melissa

Another wonderful piece of art sent in by a reader to the Bright Weavings site. Melissa Houle’s great portrayal of Crispin’s mosaic in Ravenna of the Sarantines he met in Sarantium. Click on the picture for a larger image, which … Continue reading

Jaelle, by Myaah

Myaah writes: “I discovered the Fionavar Tapestry quite a while after it was first published. A friend of mine advised me to check it out, and I must say I was not disappointed. Paul and Jaelle are my favorite couple: … Continue reading

Defiance (Jennifer’s Song) – Joy Green

You hold me in the darkness And bind me to your will You torture me completely Is my agony a thrill? You look into my centre And befoul all you find You sear my soul and body And tear into … Continue reading

Darien’s Song – Joy Green

The loneliest creature on all of the earth Cursed by his power, cursed by his birth Who knows his destiny, who knows his worth? Balanced between Light and Dark Born to be random, a thread floating wild By his mother … Continue reading

The Summer Tree – words and music by Jes Perry

Monster of love Come clip my spreading wings Bind me to that post, to the Summer Tree Horned spirit, snakes entwined The serpents kiss is on your wrists, Love makes me blind Tie me to the Summer Tree and let … Continue reading

Ode to Fionavar by Simon Fraser

Taken, on whim, to celebrate Five decades of the agèd king, Five friends crossed over (one thought lost), The devoirs of a world to bring. The land is scorched: relentless drought, Erosive war, ephem’ral foes; Through desiccated soil and state, … Continue reading

In Fionavar by Emma Melville

In Fionavar, shamen sleep, walk the path of dreams In the night he learnt to see And his vision ran most true From the day they took his eyes In the dark of his chosen night Light freed by blinded … Continue reading

A Poem by Rosanne Catalano

A soldier grips a sword The rising sun glints red A poet inscribes a word The tapestry gains a thread A newborn’s hearty cry Hushes in candlelit song Life’s template twists, turns awry The boy must learn he’s strong In … Continue reading

Song of the Baelrath – Joy Green

I come from worlds and worlds away You do not know my name You call me “Seer” for my task You answer to my flame Chorus And I will call you as I need By the wand’ring fire I hold … Continue reading

Come Lay Me Down – Tanyss Nixi

Come lay me down beneath the moon/s* My mind will wander to the ruin Where rivers failed to make it through And lions failed to protect you Come lay me down beneath the stars As cruel and distant as they … Continue reading

A Song for Arbonne – by Merav Hoffman

A woman sits and composes, Moving her fingers, mouthing the words, Across the world a man listens, Lets go of sadness while no one observes. Even the birds above the water Are singing of my love for you… Sang the … Continue reading