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Linon and the Zubir by Clémence Brousse

Clémence writes: “In the Sarantine Mosaic the encounter with the Zubir is an incredibly haunting scene and I wanted to convey the oppressive feeling of old power, but also the sense of decay that the old god carries. This piece … Continue reading

Tabor and Imraith-Nimphais, by Jenny Dolfen

Tabor and Imraith-Nimphais from The Fionavar Tapestry, by Jenny Dolfen. You can see more of Jenny’s work on her website. (Click for larger image)

Cover of River of Stars (German edition)

Reading Passage from Tigana

Passage from Chapter 8 of Tigana      Dianora could remember, with jagged, sharp-edged clarity, the first time she’d called her home Lower Corte. They all could, all the survivors: it was, for each of them, a moment embedded like … Continue reading

Ambiguities and Divided Loyalties: Focalization in Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tigana

Ambiguities and Divided Loyalties: Focalization in Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tigana This is a bachelor’s thesis by Roosa Töyrylä, written at the University of Helsinki, Finland. 2017. Introduction   In fantasy literature, good and evil are often portrayed as absolute opposites, the … Continue reading

Children of Earth and Sky Author Questions

1) Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors are two of your most beloved novels. What is it like to return to this setting so many years later, both in the fictional continuity and at this point in your career? … Continue reading

Children of Earth and Sky Discussion Questions

CHILDREN OF EARTH AND SKY — DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1) Readers of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Sarantine Mosaic novels, Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors, will recognize the setting of Children of Earth and Sky. (This is also the near-Europe of … Continue reading

Interview with Shelagh Rogers for The Next Chapter

This audio interview for CBC’s The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers took place soon after the publication of The Children of Earth and Sky.  Topics include writing about civilizations on the edge, the role of the observer, and telling the … Continue reading

Interview with Alison Flood for The Guardian

This piece discusses Guy Gavriel Kay’s involvement in helping to edit The Silmarillion, a look back at writing The Fionavar Tapestry, his path as a writer…and even a bit about umlauts. This piece originally appeared at It was written … Continue reading

Podcast Interview with Moses Siregar of Adventures in SciFi Publishing.

A podcast interview with GGK, by Moses Siregar of Adventures in SciFi Publishing. Just some of the topics discussed include writing to a theme, Tolkien, reader and reviewer responses, and the use of the present tense in the novels (note: … Continue reading

Interview with Book Banter with Alex C Telander

A recorded interview with Alex C. Telander of Bookbanter. Discussions include insights into the process behind writing Under Heaven, GGK’s beginnings as an author, some of his writing and reading habits, and news out of Hollywood.

Audio Interview with Rick Kleffel of The Agony Column

An audio interview with Rick Kleffel of The Agony Column, given on the Ysabel publicity tour. Click here for an mp3 download (77mb) Click here for a real player download (13mb)

Danica and Leonora

Friendship interests me as a writer. It can be a mysterious thing. Usually it grows over time, someone becomes a presence in our life and at some point we realize how much we value them – and often that comes … Continue reading

Children of Earth and Sky: An Origin Story

Croatia has roads in many places going back to the Romans. They joke today that the old roads are better graded and designed than the new ones. It is probably true. On a book tour many years ago, I was … Continue reading

Cover of The Lions of Al-Rassan (2017 France Edition)

Cover of Children of Earth and Sky (Quebec edition)

A Song for Arbonne, by Staffan Alsparr

Staffan writes: “I picked up A Song for Arbonne at the local library when looking for something new to read. I find books a great fodder for painting and picture-making and always have a reading project going. I wasn’t familiar … Continue reading

Cover of Children of Earth and Sky (Russian Edition)

6 Books I Love

Guy Gavriel Kay described the process of picking his six favourite books as a thoroughly regrettable, “evil, sadistic exercise.” This first appeared at in 2016.   The historical fiction that first hooked him Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff … Continue reading

Something to Write Home About

This  first appeared at in 2016.  I wrote my first, never-published book in a fishing village on the south coast of Crete at the end of the 1970s. I went back, two winters later, to write most of The Summer … Continue reading

On the Strengths of Fiction Done as Near-History

This first appeared at in 2016.  The origin story of Children of Earth and Sky, my current novel, begins with my Croatian editor being the first person ever to tell me about the Uskoks of Senj. He did that … Continue reading

Tigana, by Bard Judith

Bard writes: “I’m an artist/bard/creative who uses digital art journalling on a regular basis to process life, facilitate creativity, calm and heal myself, and record events/ideas/emotions that are worth preserving and remembering. This piece was done on one of the … Continue reading

Review by Bill Capossere for Fantasy Literature

Reproduced with kind permission of Fantasy Literature. A new Guy Gavriel Kay novel is cause for great celebration and anticipation in our household, as he has authored some of our most beloved novels over the decades (by “our” I mean … Continue reading

Review by Gary K. Wolfe for Locus

Reproduced with kind permission of Locus. In the brief acknowledgments at the end of his magnificent new novel Children of Earth and Sky, Guy Gavriel Kay mentions that his fictional Renaissance city of Obravic is an ‘‘amalgam,’’ and it occurs to … Continue reading

Cover of Children of Earth and Sky (Penguin Canada Leatherbound Edition)

Cover of Children of Earth and Sky (1st U.K. Hardcover Edition)

Cover of Children of Earth and Sky (1st U.S.A. Hardcover Edition)